N95 face mask alternative THE ATMOBLUE is the world’s first wearable air purifier that blocks 99.97% of air particles

N95 face mask alternative THE ATMOBLUE  is the world’s first wearable air purifier that blocks 99.97% of air particles through an air filtration system to let you breath clean air. 


ATMOBLUE is more than a face-mask, it’s a smart respiration system. This compact and high-quality air purifier offers an unparalleled breathing experience with no compromise in ease of mobility, style, and comfort.

ATMOBLUE was designed as wearable, air purification system decreases the toxic effects on humans while delivering a breath of fresh air and a design that will address a number of issues related to wearing a face mask.

A few days ago,not everyone knows about what an N95 mask was today they take more cost just because of the demand. Another big problem with N95 mask it was use by people have not been trained in fitting them properly,is that they don't seal well enough around the edges.its struggle to breathe through,for long intervals. N95 are uncomfortable to wear nd make it difficult to breath, it's uncomfortable having that humid air circulating around your face,most of the people problems it fogs up glasses,it needs to be disposed of after a certain point of time.

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Leandro Rolon, designer and who's also CEO of 3D printing company,says he created ATMOBLUE is a smart air purification system designed by Blue Sky Labs, a collaborative platform made up by strategists, designers and engineers, who are on a mission to provide clean air.. ATMOBLUE is more than just a mask

The ATMOBLUE wearable smart purifier delivers 99.97% of air partial.The mask featured positive air pressure which helped keep germs and containments by making the air pressure inside the mask greater than the air pressure outside.The secret to this gadgets comfort is a couple built in HEPA filter fans that push purified air into the mask so you can breath normally,along with one way outlets that push out humid breath. HEPA filters provide maximum protection, blocking 99.97% air particles.

Features of H13 HEPA filter

By combining ATMOBLUE fresh air system with a unique silicon solutions user can get a truly enjoyable breathing experience. That is, do not let unpleasant scents or damp fabric touch your face. The mask H13 HEPA filters can be used for up to 150 hours before need to be replaced. Blocks 99.97% of air particles.

Air flow technology

The ATMOBLUE three  adjustable airflow settings it is easy to handle the harshest conditions.user adjust speed as needed. Positive Air Pressure allows user to breath effortlessly with zero resistance. run continuously for up to 4-5 hours.when battery life is low plugged into usb port to recharge.

Lightweight silicon seal

Dermatology friendly silicon creats a soft but airtight seal keeping fresh air in and unpurified air out.When you use atmoblue ,you don't leaves crease on your face. 
Patented head strap flows through mask adding flexibility , comfort, material allowing for a stretch looking around or at the time of work.

App control

ATMOBLUE also have a smartphone application that gives you filter health information, you know the time period of change, and an air quality sensor on the mask even let you know exactly quality index

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